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  1. I was a shy little girl that didn't like nobody. I cried a lot too.
  2. I used to pick my eyelashes whenever I was nervous or my anxiety build up with stress.. bizarre right lol
  3. I can be aggressive when I get irritated.
  4. I cut people off all the time when I get irritated.
  5. I never had a boyfriend. 
  6. Alright I lied but he didn't count in my opinion. AT ALL.
  7. I have this mole under my boob that is strange looking to me but people think it's just a beauty mark.
  8. I make the craziest facial expression to certain things and what people say which gets me into a lot of trouble lol. 
  9. I ramble a lot 
  10. I give good advice but I have a hard time taking my own advice
  11. I hate discussing guys to people. I hate it.
  12. I used to hate my long legs.
  13. I have tendency to go through hairstyles like I change clothes
  14. I loveeeeeee doing pranks on people
  15. I hate expressing my inner demons to people.
  16. I keep a lot of things to myself
  17. I go MIA all the time
  18. I keep a list of everything that I want to accomplish on my phone
  19. I can't float or swim
  20. I've always wanted to go in a tanning salon to make people look at me funny when I walk in  lol... I just want to see peoples reaction on why I'm there
  21. I don't like needy people
  22. I hate people with twitter fingers 
  23. I don't like going on instagram sometimes because... everyone is starting to look the same and do the same things. 
  24. My favorite movie is Taken
  25. I watch a lot of inspirational movies and shows. ALL THE TIME
  26. I'm a sagittarius 
  27. My favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder
  28. I want to meet Oprah and I want her to interview me.
  29. I'm 5'll or 5'10... idk anymore
  30. I don't know how to do make-up but I would like to learn
  31. I paint when I'm bored
  32. I love photography and art
  33. I used to be very flexible 
  34. I cry at every sentimental thing that I see under cover. No one sees my tears of corniness. 
  35. I envied my old high school so much
  36. I'm terrified to put contacts in (i'm learning to overcome that fear)
  37. I used to make youtube videos when I was in 5th grade and I would show my mom the music videos that I would put together. I might start again guys... stay tuned. 
  38. I used to be in this singing group in 5th grade and during recess we would meet up. I actually brought in this CD that symbolized our future mix-tape. Not kidding.
  39. I cried a lot in 2nd grade.
  40. I used to sit with these two boys in 2nd grade named John and Jimmy at this little table and they were the only kids that didn't judge me by my weirdness lol. They were my only friends at the time.
  41. I was a loner. Still am.
  42. I sat at a table by myself in senior year because I moved and....I didn't care anymore
  43. I want to be iconic
  44. I don't want to be basic and live a basic life. Biggest fear.
  45. I fear the idea of having kids. 
  46. I love Chinese food.
  47. I love being on a plane
  48. I want to go to Tokyo to watch the Olympics
  49. I had an allergic reaction to my cartilage piercing 
  50. I like to watch cute puppy videos when I'm sad.
  51. I'm shy.
  52. I laugh at everything. 
  53. I love traveling. That's all I want to do.
  54. I have a tendency to invite people to places but.... people don't do the same for me which is crazy. I need to stop that asap. It goes to show I care about people that don't have me in mind.
  55. I like being in charge or I'll go crazy.
  56. I'm picky. 
  57. I used to hate my forehead.
  58. I had to cut my hair when I was in 7th grade because my hair was so dead. I had a mushroom cut!
  59. I love Rihanna.
  60. I used to claim that Micheal Jackson was my father.
  61. I hate Valentines Day.
  62. I was born on Thanksgiving LOL.
  63. I don't like talking to guys because... I get irritated. 
  64. I'm a deep thinker that goes into a deep trance. 
  65. I have visions about my success and the house that I will be living in. 
  66. When I put my mind into something; I give my all to it.
  67. I cry everytime I get a message from people that have watch me grown over the years through my website/blog and how I inspire them to love themselves. I cry when people actually take my advice when they need it the most. 
  68. I love seeing people in love... but I don't know how to be in love. 
  69. I hate when people change when they are in a relationship
  71. I want to start my youtube again.... 
  72. I hate chicken now. 
  73. I've been designing and sketching what I want in my clothing line and future stores. 
  74. I want to be NYC living so bad. Such a wannabe New Yorker lmao.
  75. I admire motivated people. Like my mom.
  76. I love my mom.
  77. I look like my dad but sound like my mom and carry the mentality from my mom. 
  78. I've been to Mexico. 
  79. I want to be on TED talks lol.
  80. I've considered becoming therapist and talk to people about their problems.
  81. I love giving back to people that need it the most.
  82. I have 3 nieces and one nephew from my step-sisters :)
  83. I have 2 step sisters and 2 step brothers and they are all older than me and they come from my dad side and I love them so much.
  84. My mom and older sister taught me to be business savvy.
  85. I love fashion ....that's not a crazy fact.
  86. I'm not looking for a relationship. Not for me right now. I can't do it lol
  87. I'm my baby sisters stalker when it comes to taking pictures of her during her life moments that needs to be captured LOL
  88. My brother is my personal photographer
  89. I wonder if jesus can see my sins lol
  90. I'm no sinner I swear 
  91. I lied. 
  92. My best friend Kiana and I used to do pranks on people.... we should totally do a story time about that soon.
  93. I took a year off before going to college for the class of 2021... crazy right
  94. I've always wanted to meet Obama and his familia.
  95. I've always wanted to meet Beyonce and Jay-Z
  96. My celebrity crush is Micheal B. Jordan
  97. My grandmother and I have a love hate relationship and she's my vacation buddy and roomie lol
  98. I love being inspired.
  99. I love when people talk about their dreams.
  100. I choked on a piece of steak with a whole bunch of fat on it in 6th grade and I thought I was going to die.
  101. I never stuck with one set of group of friends. I was a floater. 

I have more but... I might just do a video for you guys on my youtube channel once I get that popping. Love you guys xoxo


SheIn: Favorite Things Edition

Everyone knows that I absolutely love shopping and putting together pieces of clothing; it gives me life and energy whenever I put together different outfits for myself and other people. One of my favorite clothing stores; SheIn is known to have a variety of clothing for young adults and trust me they have tons and tons of clothing that you can choose from. I wanted to do a "Favorite Things" type of post for SheIn because; they have a different variety of clothing and items that I absolutely love and adore so much. I will be picking out three outfits that I would put together and wear from SheIn! Check out for endless clothing that will fit perfectly in your collection of clothing! You won't regret it!

OOTD featuring My Kswiss

People have been curious on my sense of style so I mind as well just start posting some outfits that I've been wearing throughout the past week. My style can range from laid back and sometimes dressy from time to time only depending on what mood I'm in and what the weather is like. Majority of the time I'm always wearing black or white but, I'm trying to veer away from dark colors.... Check out my OOTD down below from a couple of days ago and I will list the items down below!!! XOXO-A

Jacket: Guess
Top: H&M
Pants:Forever 21
Shoes: Kswiss


A Young Black Girl That Made It Through The Fire

Being a young black girl can be a challenge especially in a predominantly ALL white school. I didn't have many black classmates that I can confide to about the social issues that went on throughout the day. I couldn't really tell any of my teachers on the things that were said and done because they wouldn't understand and I had to realize that they will never understand the challenges that a young black kid goes through. I've been called blacky, orangutan, a n*gger and all of the above! The crazy thing is that not ONCE did I cry or run to my parents explaining the horrible things that were said at school every day. It's not in my blood to cry a river to my parents about being harassed and racially discriminated against because; I've always had thick skin and I was able to handle certain situations myself. I always observed on people's actions and body language and I observed all the kids that I was surrounded by through out the years that said negative, horrific things about African Americans like myself. It was interesting to witness them saying all these things about black people but what they fail to realize is that; they were never better. They came from broken families, surrounded themselves with white counterparts that would agree with them, and also more importantly they were all close minded. A lot of the white kids that absolutely loved being around me enjoyed saying "oh I have black friends" or "oh I have a black cousin that lives in California; that doesn't make me racist right?". I swear hearing all the excuses was just hilarious because they would think that I was bothered but; I wasn't. I had white friends in school don't get me wrong but I would always catch them slipping on things that should not be said or discussed. In third grade my English teacher rearranged our seating and this white boy didn't want to sit in between two black girls which was me and my only friend that I could confide to. It was crazy that he blurted out "I DONT WANT TO SIT IN-BETWEEN THESE TWO BLACK GIRLS" my English teacher gripped him up and dragged him to the office. She was white. She was probably the only white teacher that took action within the situation in all my years of being in that kind of school system. In ninth grade my physical science teacher said something crazy that caught my one white friends attention. We were passing around this hole puncher around the class to organize our papers and the hole puncher got to me. So of course I was taking my time and all of a sudden my teacher asked where the hole puncher was and I was like I have it. Guess what he said next? He said "oh I see you and your people always stealing and hogging things. Hurry up" me and my friend were like what??? Your people? Stealing? He tried to clean it up and say oh I was kidding! He's lucky I never told my mom about that because he would've been fired in a heart beat. I've been criticized since I was out the womb and I have been fully aware that we still have a long way to go. I finally got away from being in predominantly white schools in my senior year of high school; crazy right. You guys have no idea how happy I was! I was finally at peace. I didn't care if I didn't have many friends during my senior year; I just wanted to be around people that had the same skin tone and be around people that wouldn't question me on why I change my hair so much or why hair is so coarse. I could finally breathe again. I lost many white associates because I would constantly snap and put them in there place and say "are you kidding me?". At one point I was fed up with hearing negative things and I started calling people out. So to all the young black girls or minorities at school right now; you are not alone. The school system and parents need to well educate their children to not be so ignorant because people remember things and faces. Don't cry; speak up. I know it's going to get worse in adulthood but, we are all strong and we can endure many things. It's in our blood to have thick skin and trust me our skin is way thicker than our pale counterparts. We were all given this beautiful dark tone for a reason and the unknown knows that we have the ability to handle everything that comes our way. Having a dark complexion should never be set back it should always be rewarded as a comeback to all our ancestors that wasn't able to live off their desired dreams that we are trying to achieve today. To all my black beauties; kings, queens, princes and princesses, let's make our ancestors proud.


PSA: this isn't even half of what I went through. I might do a video about it because young girls need to understand that you are not alone! To all the people that expressed nasty remarks to me; thank you for showing your true colors. I see through you all now. I know I'll be sleeping well at night knowing I don't have a bit of hate towards people that did nothing to me.


I Have Wavy News

So I've been doing things on the low and trying to figure out my way into the inner circle of the fashion and music industry and I've been figuring it out on my own. I just wanted to share with everyone that I actually was selected to be a part of the K-Swiss brand ambassador program!!! I've always been wearing K-Swiss since I was a young girl and I've always admired their craft and their vision that they have been trying to achieve with the brand. I am very excited that I will be helping them with ideas and also spreading the word on their shoes and the vision that they are trying to bring to the table. I can't wait to share my creative side with the K-Swiss team and with the other selected people that has been grateful to receive this opportunity. I have more news to come for you guys : especially for all the young women that have been asking to be a part of the Hifash Team! My vision for Hifash is not stopping no time soon. xoxo, A 


Yes, I Have Been "Curved"

Disclaimer: (I keep a lot of things private or sugar coated when it comes to this topic and I was pretty hesitant on talking about this but since a lot of young girls are asking me about my life and my "experience" when it comes to "relationships") 

I usually don't talk about my personal life when it comes to guys and whom I'm interested in but, I've been getting questions in my DM's on Instagram about my personal life when it comes to relationships and have I ever gotten to know someone and if I ever been in a relationship. So to answer everyones questions that I've been getting, I'm going to use my favorite person in the worlds face aka Rihanna to help give visuals on certain things when it comes to myself and guys. To start off I've liked guys and I find guys cute and handsome but here is my thing; sometimes I just want to be left alone especially at this age where I'm finding myself when it comes to being young and free. I've always been someone that has envisioned myself being in a relationship but then I think about all the tragic things that could happen in relationships when feelings start to tarnish. All my friends and closest friends have been in relationships throughout middle school, high school and now college; it's interesting to see the types of stuff that they went through when it comes to being with someone. I'm always (ALWAYS) the friend that gives the best advice with certain situations and scenarios but it's funny that I can't use my own advice to good use with myself; ironic. I've talked to a few guys (emphasis on the few) but I've always been the hesitant person that doesn't enjoy what the outcome might be if things don't go as planned. I have my reasons on why I'm so guarded when it comes to talking to guys at this age because; you never know what their true intentions might be and I just don't want to go through that right now. You know, I've had my fair share of being "curved" probably once or twice throughout my life and it hasn't been fun and I just don't care to be bothered at all at this point or even entertain. So when I explain to my friends that I just want to relax on the dating scene and then I explain that I want to wait on who comes my way sometimes my friends say " You can't wait for someone to come to you; you have to put yourself out there" and this my reaction...Literally:

I thought their was somewhat truth to that statement and then guess what? I actually took that advice and went in for the kill and guess what? My time was wasted. I hate when my time is wasted (biggest pet peeve ever) when I get to know someone and then the guy always says "I'm not like other guys I swear"... (I'm only talking about the guys that have said this and don't mean it. I'm not talking about ALL GUYS so relax) and every time a guy says that their is a 50 percent chance that the guy is like the "other guys". I always want to know what peoples true intentions are when they want to talk to me and get to know me when it comes to being on that level and to be honest; I just hate giving people the time of day and then it goes into waste. I know, I know life is all about vibing with different people and seeing who comes and goes in your life and don't get me wrong I'm all about that motto but at this point in time I don't feel like being bothered right now. I probably sound harsh but I'm just being honest on how I feel about this topic when I get put into the mix with it.

Sometimes my friends try to set me up with people that are interested in me and very rarely I'm like "okay fine" or vice versa. So when they do set me up with someone and we start talking and I get to know them... things start getting weird. When I mean by weird is that... well first off I am a very intellectual thinker  and I enjoy deep conversations about life, goals, dreams and also aspirations but sometimes the person they set me up with can't hold conversations which is so lame.  I absolutely hate when sometimes I'm the one that has to constantly keep asking questions and being the jokester.... and I always get to the point where I'm like:

  Then, if the conversation dies and then the person hits me up saying "my bad beautiful, I seen your beautiful face on snapchat and oh I was busy doing something the other day but...wyd" or if a friend of mine constantly tells me that this particular guy is interested in me and they give me their info and I send them a DM simply saying what's up and they don't answer until 3 weeks later and they tell me a bogus excuse that is totally lame my instant reaction is like:

Look! You guys I'm a tough cookie to crack when it comes to being in "lovey dovey" mode with relationships and I just don't have the time and day to deal with peoples shenanigans. OF COURSE maybe soon some guy will come my way and sweep me off my feet but until then I'm going to live my life and continue giving advice to all my friends and family that I love so dearly and focus on me and my future goals and to also HAVE FUN. Until then if someone wants to come into my life and actually get to know me for me; come right a long my way but, if your trying to come into my life to play games and have here and there conversations then:

I hope I answered everyones nonstop questions. So now you finally know my dilemma and some of the shenanigans that I've been involved in. Life goes on guys; life goes on. I hope some of you guys can relate or vice versa! These are my thoughts and things that have happened to me so relax. I laugh about it all the time so laugh with me! So to answer everyones question; have I been in a serious relationship: No, I have my whole life to figure that one out. Time will tell. 

P.s. If someone DM's thinking I'm "throwing shade" or whatever..... I'm not lol. Just take notes and move along.


The Help of Strangers

In the beginning stages of our lives we tend to not like certain things about ourselves that we can't change at all for example our hair textures, the way we smile, and even just the way we look on a daily basis. Sometimes we don't even realize that in other people's eyes we are perfect and beautiful in our own way when it comes to how we look and the way our face lights up the room when we walk in. It's interesting to see and hear the things that people like about us but in reality we don't even understand why they even like the corky things that we do as individuals. I guess it's because we're so used to seeing ourselves in our own eyes and we tend to forget the beauty of our own uniqueness. Sometimes we as humans need to hear from another persons perspective on how they view and love our imperfections and that actually helps us in a way to make ourselves feel more at peace with our flaws. I know it may sound vain to say but you know it's true. If a person calls you beautiful or handsome and you didn't think that you were before; you start to actually believe it. It's ironic that hearing someone else point out our flaws that we aren't really fond of we tend to start to slowly love our imperfections more and more and maybe it's sometimes best to hear it from someone else's mouth instead of our own thoughts. Moral of the story is; strangers can actually cure our inner demons when it comes to not loving our imperfections and even ourselves. Just remember that you are beautiful and you are handsome and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.



The Show That Keeps It Real; Atlanta

For the past nine weeks I've been binge watching on this new show called Atlanta. I was already hooked on the show when they were just releasing promos throughout summer16 and I already knew that this show was going to be a hit. I wasn't surprised that the show has been picked up for a second season by the second episode... that's ICONIC. One of my favorite artists Donald Glover also known as Childish Gambino created/wrote/produced this show to express the inner works of Atlanta and to tell a story that people can actually relate to when it comes to working towards a dream where theirs actually struggles to go through first. Most shows and movies sugar coat what really goes down in real life situations; the show Atlanta doesn't. At all.

Donald Glover plays a character named Earnest "Earn" Marks, a broke part-time credit card salesman  that has a dream of providing a better future for himself and his family. He perceives himself to be "homeless" but, he spends his restless nights at the home of his infant daughters mothers house. In the beginning of the series Earn sees an open opportunity that can possibly change his life forever when he learns that his cousin Alfred which is played by actor Brian Tyree Henry is a local rapper named "Paper Boi". He released a mixtape that started to grab the attention of Atlantas music scene and Earn sees the potential of something big happening with his cousin. So of course Earn slithers his way into his cousins life and becomes his manager but his cousin isn't really pleased on the idea of it due to the fact that they end up being in the middle of a shoot out.

There is so much more that has happened throughout this series when it comes to the witty remarks and the character development throughout each episode. I love the fact that Donald Glover has incorporated what real life is actually like into this series by talking about everything from what has been happening in the news with police brutality, stereotypes and what it's actually like to be living in a struggle that your constantly trying to fight through everyday. This show has to be my number 1 favorite show for the next tens years of my life due to how funny and addicting it is and, I can honestly say that I actually laugh out loud to this show instead of having the background laugh filter laugh for me on another show that other television series have to add in order for you to laugh at the joke that wasn't even funny in the first place; I'm just being honest. I would recommend this show to anyone that wants to laugh and also learn from this show when it comes to living in a struggle and going after your dreams once a a door of opportunity opens for you.


Damn Gina; Fashion Nova Obsession

So for the past couple of months I have been obsessing over pieces from a store called Fashion Nova. Yes, I said it; Fashion Nova! At first I didn't understand the hype of why people were obsessing over Fashion Nova months before I started purchasing clothing from them but then, I had a change of heart. Everyone knows that my favorite store is Forever21 but.... it's looking like Fashion Nova is my new home for right now. I bought so much pieces from Fashion Nova through out Summer 16 including jackets, leggings, dresses, and also accessories. I think I'm honestly addicted to the popular online store but I'm definitely not a fan of their return policy though. That's the only thing I don't like about Fashion Nova is their return policy. THEY NEED TO CHANGE THAT ASAP.

One of my favorite purchases that I ordered from Fashion Nova was this dress called Starlet and you guys; it's absolutely beautiful. At first I was hesitant on buying it because of the V-cut area (I don't have boobs lol) but then I realized I should be risky on trying something new because, I'm always covered up in sweaters and sweatshirts. I actually bought this dress for an event but it didn't even come in the mail on time which was so depressing. The Starlet Dress from Fashion Nova has a slight stretch to it but I would recommend getting this dress a size up from what you would usually wear from other dresses that are sitting in your closet (I bought a medium but I should've bought a large to have more length for my leg area). Overall, I absolutely adore this dress and I would recommend this to anyone that feels a little risky on wearing a V-cut dress and also wants to explore wearing  something flashy when it comes to the embedded rhinestones that are on the Starlet dress. I would rate this dress a 9/10 and the return policy a 4/10 only because I honestly think the return policy is the only thing holding this company back for getting more consumers. I'm just keeping real.



Everything Will Be Just Fine

I know I've been MIA for the longest but I've been reevaluating my life into a new direction when it comes to my businesses, relationships, friendships, college life and etc. So let me ask this to you guys; has anyone ever deceived you to the point where you were blindsided on who the person actually was? Don't let that person fool you when it comes to their personality, ego, and also their kindness. You see not everyone is what they seem to be or shall I say "perceived" to be due to the fact that they will potentially be caught in the act or even the lie by the person that they blindsided. It's never okay to play with peoples emotions by playing with them like their some type of toy that can be put through turmoil on a daily basis. I just want everyone to know that it's cool to meet people and get to know them but don't be fooled. Don't ever be fooled. Follow your gut or else you'll be slapped across the face with the truth that you knew all along. 

Yours truly,


Unexpected Decisions May Be The Best Decisions

Life can be full of surprises I swear. A lot of the times you plan out things and then all of a sudden; the plan doesn't turn out how you imagined. You begin to wonder if the plan is really worth going forward with despite your own feelings towards it. You begin to realize the reasoning on why your making a big leap that your not even happy with in the first place. Is it because you want to impress your peers, your family, your own mother? Sometimes it's just best to follow your instincts or your gut feeling towards decisions that you are about to make because in the end result you might even regret it in the long haul. Don't even think about asking the opinions of others because it's going to make you more and more confused about what life choices that you might want to make that will impact you for the rest of you life. Follow your heart, your gut, and especially your instincts.


The Speech You Won't Forget; Jesse Williams

Last night I witnessed a speech that was absolutely legendary, necessary, and memorable by the one and only Jesse Williams. For those of you that don't know Jesse Williams is well known for his tv show role in Grey's Anatomy by Shonda Rhymes but he is also well known for his activist role within  our humanity. Sunday night, Williams received the Humanitarian Award from the BET Awards of 2016 and let me tell you; it was well deserved. I was so mesmerized by how passionate he was about black lives, the world, and just life in general. He made everyone realize and reflect that we as black people have to continue to push through all our problems and barriers that we go through on a daily basis in order to live in todays society. The system that we live in today may have told everybody that we are "free" but in reality we aren't really free due to all the fiasco that has been going on such as police brutality, mass shootings, and racially profiling young adults. Williams definitely impacted me in a way where we as young adults can not continue to let the system take control over us. I am very proud of all the achievements that Jesse Williams has achieved so far within his life and he is definitely making his mark in history as a civil rights leader this generation that will leave an imprint forever.


Selfie Addiction

I've come to the realization that I have become addicted to the art of selfie taking. I know that it may look vain and sad in a way but..... I feel like I've mastered it like never before. I realized that I was addicted to taking selfies was when just recently I ordered a LuMee Self Lighting Case for my new IPhone(CHECK THEM OUT) that I will be receiving by the end of the month (I have phone problems smh) and quite honestly I'm not ashamed. I've learned to love myself and love my distinctive features that the unknown has given me. LOL I'm not the only one that enjoys taking selfies on my spare time but remember to stop taking selfies at important events that you want to remember such as; thanksgiving, christmas, concerts. Hi my name is Aliyah Jones and I am addicted to taking selfies. 


Finesse to Success

Everyone wants to be successful. Am I right or am I right? People always want to take the short cut route to become successful by some how magically becoming rich off the lottery; that would be wonderful but that could be a blessing and curse. I understand that money revolves us on a daily basis but at the same time we as humans tend to drift off on whats really important; our dreams and aspirations in life. We tend to forget why we are doing the things that we do within our career goals and etc. People tend to pick a job to play it safe so they are able to have food on the table but at the same time is it really worth having a job that you don't even like. Why not take the risk and finesse your way to something extraordinary? I know some people think I'm crazy or odd when it comes to me not becoming a doctor to play it safe in this world. I like art, writing, styling clothes, videography and just creating extraordinary things that could potentially help lead me to a career that I will be happy with for the rest of my life. Sometimes you just have to stop living up to other peoples expectations on how you live your life and honestly; you will feel so much better doing what you love. So take this advice and just finesse your way to success instead of taking the easy route and quite honestly their is no easy route to a lot things. Just take the time to evaluate who you are as a person and what you want to achieve in life because, trust me you will all make it if you just finesse. That's exactly what I'm doing; finessing my way to success.



Chris Brown; Black Pyramid Clothing Line

One of my favorite music artists; Chris Brown has officially taken the time to expand his clothing company Black Pyramid. I've watched him piece together this body of work way back and sadly the clothing line would be put on hold due to him going on tour and etc which is understandable. For those of you that don't know Chris Brown is an phenomenal artists when it comes to being behind the paint brush and I knew his clothing line would be as successful as himself. His clothing line has a touch of bright colors which includes pieces of his artwork incorporated within his pieces. I'm digging the Cali vibe within his  urban fashion line but I understand some of pieces have a touch of Virginia love(hometown). Check out some more pieces within the Black Pyramid clothing line by yours truly C-Breezy!

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