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Our friends at Video Fashion got the latest scoop on Blumarine's Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Show. Check out the video footage!

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Model Behavior// Aya Jones


20-year-old Parisian beauty, Aya Jones is represented by Paris's Silent Models and The Lions New York. She has had the opportunity to walk for many designers such as; Valentino, Miu Miu, Viktor & Rolf, Giambattista and Maison Martin Margiela. The newcomer has had the privilege to join the ranks of Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dun, Sessilee Lopez and many more high fashion African American models who represent high end designers worldwide. There isn't too much information about Aya just yet but she will definitely be one of the many models that I will be looking forward to seeing her evolve over time when it comes to her journey in the fashion industry.


Designer Appreciation// Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is personally my favorite designer of all time. The reason for that is I love how he incorporates darker and lighter hues in his collections. He has this special touch on what colors to use and what accessories to add in his pieces. What intrigues me the most about Wang is that he isn't afraid to switch it up when it comes to certain aspects in fashion. Everyone in the fashion industry and music industry respects him due to his creativity on his dope designs and his remarkable work ethic.

His fashions shows are always something to look forward to each year and it just goes to show that his work and wild personality captures everyone's attention. I will continue to watch Alexander Wang grow and I hope I will eventually get the chance to meet with him soon because, his work is definitely eye catching and I would love to hear what he's planning next in the future. 

What's the Big Deal about Everyone Wanting Big Lips?

Photo Found: Tumblr
As you all have heard everyone is doing the Kylie Jenner challenge where everyone tries to mimic her voluptuous lips. Teens and young adults around the globe have been sucking on shot glasses and plastic bottles to achieve her famous plump look. I really don't understand why everyone around the world is trying to achieve this look by harming themselves instead of using make-up like Kylie does. It may be fun and games to others but at the same time; it all goes back to history. 65 years ago plump lips were considered ugly in society when America was segregated during that time period. A source states; 
"Being surrounded by a predominately white society I think a lot of people tend to idolize qualities in those in a familiar image, such as white, regardless of where qualities come from."
This statement is somewhat true on some levels on how people idolize others but, at the same time it shows that this trend displays how others bandwagon from famous celebrities. This trend also shows that people give too much credit to others instead of themselves. Everyone should realize that your body is your temple and you have to accept what you have or have the courage to change your appearance. It's your choice but remember; have your own identity.

Your Idenity


I understand that the people you surround yourself with can be the cause of losing who you are as a person. People tend to lose themselves in the crowd when they get caught up in the moment. I was talking to a distant friend of mine two weeks ago that I’ve used to be very close with. She was explaining that shes been struggling to find out who she is as person. She started to do the same things as her so called "friends"did and she started having the same mentality as they do. I kindly told her that the best way to find yourself is to remove yourself from the crowd or else you’ll end up not knowing who you could actually be. 
My advice to everyone is that;
Just because everyone else is doing things doesn’t mean YOU have to join in. Sometimes you have to make the sacrifice to be different instead of acting like someone your not. Why be in a crowd that could eventually drown you and kill who you were before. Take the risk and be you. Answer this question: Would you rather be the follower or the leader
It’s your choice.
You better find yourself before the tsunami washes you away. 


Style Spotlight// Vanessa Hudgens

Without a doubt, Vanessa Hudgens has the best sense of style in my opinion. Her outfits are always flawlessly put together when ever she leaves the house. She is known for having a unique sense of style when it comes to putting outfits together and adding the perfect amount of jewelry. Hudgens is definitely not afraid to layer her clothing and add chunky jewelry and also long necklaces. What truly intrigues me is that she can go from rocking thin flowy materials to boho chic! Her outfits are always on point and she's definitely a trendsetter. Vanessas' sense of style tends to evolve when it comes to different events especially the music festival Coachella! Check out some of my favorite outfits that shes' been rocking during the past year below!




Kanye West // Adidas West Yeezy Season 1

    Photographs: Jackie Nickerson
   Hifash Notes:
    •Muted 'street wear'
    •Model Diversity
    •His collection is inspired by the July,          London Riots
    •Distressed Knits
    •Suede and Khakis
    •Dark vibe in the collection
Overall Review: Kanyes' collection is pretty dope! It's different and I love how he incorporated suede and distressed materials in his pieces because, not a lot of designers use those type of materials in their clothing.
Here are some of our favorite looks from his collection:

      Look 1

   Look 2

   Look 3

Look 4

    Look 5

    Look 6

       Look 7

   Look 8

    Look 9

  Look 10

     Look 11

  Look 12

   Look 13

    Look 14

    Look 15

 Look 16

 Look 17

  Look 18

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