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DDH Apparel #BlackLivesMatter Collab

Being able to see beautiful fashion ideas develop that involves the black community. A company called DDH that I've discovered recently are actually creating meaningful clothing that targets the black community audiences but not only that other cultures as well. 10% of all proceeds are donated to the #BlackLivesMatter foundation. Seeing these types of clothing warms my heart because, I feel like a lot of people of color have lost touch on how beautiful they are inside and out. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @ddhapparel ! Much love xoxo 


I'm in utter shock on what had happen on November 13th in Paris. The place where you can find love has been caught off guard yesterday due to an ISIS terrorist attack. I'm very upset that all the innocent people that have lost their lost their lives yesterday. No one should ever deserve that. We all should take the time and send our prayers all the way to all the citizens in Paris to be safe. We should all keep everyone closer than ever now. We should all just pray for humanity in general. Prayers to all the family members that have lost a loved one yesterday����

This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the Universal values we share.”
Barack Obama {11/13/15; Paris Attacks}

Paris you are in our hearts.

Pink Fashion?

This plush outfit is totally bombshell. The texture and detail on each giving piece especially the dress that is underneath the plush coat. Can I get this outfit like.... Now? This is literally the dopest outfit I've seen in a minute. 


Creativity Was Ingrained Into My Soul


Having the ability to paint something that has inspired you to create a vision is kind of hard to explain actually. When I start painting something a spark starts to explode within me which causes my brain to go into a zone which helps create my vision and bring it to life. Everything around just stops in time. I never compare myself to other artists because, why copy? Everyone is different in their own way. Everyone creates different things to a certain a degree. When I create art; it's more of a cartoony vibe to it because, I enjoy adding vibrant colors and blending different textures towards my work. I used to take art so seriously when I was younger but then I stopped to play around with film but, then I realized "why should I concentrate with one thing in life where I was put on this earth to do more?" So then I started combining all my talents which made me feel better about myself. One of my close friends actually encourage me to share my talents in certain art classes in high school (s/o to kiwi) and ever since then I've been on Cloud 9. When ever I'm feeling down I always turn to art, photography, and videography to keep me sane. To be honest I used to always pick on my eyelashes when I'm under a lot of pressure or stress (yes teens have stress too for all the adults that think we shouldn't. We're all human) and now I always turn to art to cope with things that are bothering me. Being able to express my creativity is one of the most fulfilling feelings ever. Playing around with colors, textures makes me feel alive inside and I know a lot of artist can agree with this.
Sometimes, I like to make pieces that involve social issues that I've dealt with over the years; for example with the hair piece shown above, peers at school would always have a tendency to touch my hair whenever I would change it up and it would always bother me. So why not bring that issue and create something that will connect with other people around the world that go through this on a daily basis. I also like to try and switch up my art into a more a realistic painting so I can practice with my blending techniques when it comes to mixing different paint colors together.
Some people are probably wondering why I wrote this post. The reason is, everyone has some type of creative outlet to help cope with something that is bothering them. Another reason is that we should all continue to express or creativity to everyone surrounding us and around the world that enjoys seeing your vision. Why should you hold back on all your talents that god has given me to share to the world? Embrace yourself!

Art Class. New Kid. College?

I've been mapping out what my step is for the future of Hifash and I finally figured it out but, my plan is coming soon on the website so be on the look out everyone. I've also been adjusting to a new school senior year and I've also been apply to colleges (of course fashion schools lol). 

I've just been plotting on the low, scheming on the low (ayeeee Drake lyrics). 

[Was that lyric really nessasary facial expression]

I'll be posting more on the website so be on the look out and stay tuned for upcoming creative ideas that I have planned out for the next couple months!
Apologies to anyone that has been constantly checking the website for more updates!


(A review for my tats that I have in the photo above will be on the website tomorrow! @Inkboxtats)


Nicki Stating Facts

In a most recent interview in the New York Times Magazine, Nicki Minaj was definitely stating facts from top to bottom. Here what stuck out to me the most on what said about people's images and the culture turn around;

‘‘People’’ — famous people, she means — ‘‘are posting pictures of working out, and then there’s a change in their body” most likely from plastic surgery, “and they say it’s because they were working out! Ah-hahahaha.’’ Then she turns serious again. ‘‘Back in the day, in hip-hop, the thick girl was glorified. Now the rappers are dating skinny white women. So it’s almost like, ‘Wait a minute, who’s going to tell the thick black girls that they’re sexy and fly, too?’ 

When I read this all I could say was "she's right". It sad to see black women being degraded over what God has given them(us and even me). I understand people have there preferences but it can be a little mind boggling at times when I see there is a big difference on how hip hop was before and who was praised upon. And it's true; who is going tell the thick black girls that they're sexy and fly too?? Who? Is you? Do I have to continue to tell it to myself? All I have to say is thank you to Nicki for speaking up on the culture changes and how we should continue to uplift each other and instead if degrading one another.



Express Yo Creativity

Sometimes I have difficult time understanding how some people don't know how to think about things outside the box. What I mean by that is; a lot of the time some people let go of there creative minds at a young due to maybe there parents expressing "don't do that billy" or a friend saying "billy that idea is so dumb" but in actuality your idea is what sets you aside from everyone else. It's okay to be different from everyone else. You have to make the decision and let your creative mind explode out into the real world. Surround yourself with creative people like yourself. Don't stick with people that just want to talk about  nonsense and not dreams and visions. You have the choice to showcase your creativeness through art, film, design clothes etc. Spread your gift to everyone around you and don't hold back on your ideas or you will potentially go insane. Literally. You were created to create something extraordinary. 


Vulnerable Raw Photos

Raw. Dark. Edgy. Features. All play big roles within photography. Of course everyone loves to capture full on color photos but, at the same time Raw photo show a different dynamic on things. It gives off a more unique edgy vibe towards certain photos. I tried out this setting on one of the gloomiest days in Pennsylvania history (maybe I'm exaggerating lol but still) which made the photos come out even more gloomy and edgy. I absolutely love shooting in raw due to the fact that sometimes it's okay to not go over the top in filters but instead to expose our vulnerable side through photos. Pimples and wrinkles and all! Embrace your unique features and hey try out shooting in raw with your camera, you probably might like it. 

Strange Tumblr Finds

I swear. The coolest things I find, always comes from tumblr. Some people may find them strange but... I find it art. You see. I've always had a creative mindset ever since I was young gal and whatever someone finds something weird, I find it dope. Check out some strange... Funny tumblr finds that I've found.

Kanye 4 Prez?

Remember that time Kanye expressed he will run president? Oh you don't remember? Look down below...

Oh now you remember? Lol okay let's break this down; if he does become president I would like this to happen:

I just want a pair.

Haha but seriously though, why are they so hard to find??? Even though some people may not like Kanye... You can't hate on him and his creativity though lol. I'm team Kanye. Are you #TeamKanye? 

New Hairstyle? Ideas??


So recently, I've been searching for a new hairstyle for myself due to the fact that a new year is coming right around the corner. But then I decided why not choose some hairstyles that I've been digging lately and spread it for my blog readers! The photo above; I'm really feeling the bold bang cut for a more ovally shape headed person (like myself... I have an oval head for days lol).  

Heck even two natural curly buns to give a cochlea vibe look.

Or even have some dope behind box braids!

I don't know what I want at this point? What's your favorite hairstyle?? 

#MCM ForEva: Nyle Dimarco

Attention everyone, boys and girls. We can not ignore the fact that this beautiful human being; Nyle Dimarco deserves to be praised upon not just because of his looks (that's a plus though hahaha) but his character. I've been watching him through this season of Americas Next Top Model Cycle 22 and the first episode I was already #TeamNial! As some people may not know Nyle does not have the ability to hear as clearly than the rest of us. But that definitely does not stop him from going after his dreams of becoming Americas Next Top Model. In all honesty I hope he wins due to the fact that he brings something else to the table and Jesus how can you not like Nyle???? He is a great example to everyone due to the fact that if you put your mind into something you can do anything despite things that God didn't give us. Nyle..... I'm rooting for you! 



Denim in Full Effect


Senior Year | New School | Mixed Emotions

I've been taking a minute to adjust to my new schedule for the new school year. My summer has been cut short sadly due to going to a new school but, this is only the beginning of something new. I've always complained about my old school so why not start fresh. Let's cut this summary short and sweet; 2 days in and I met a couple friends. My classes are pretty cool except for this piano class (I feel like everyone who is taking this class is advanced...not even kidding). I miss my friends but it wouldn't have matter if I stayed at my old school, I wouldn't have seen them what so ever. At my new school, I can tell that people know I'm foreign and I'm new here. It kind of sucks that I won't be graduating with the people that I grew and blossomed with but hey it is what it is. Moral of the situation; be a table hopper at lunch and vibe off with different. That's how you'll make friends. Trust me. 

Adventure Time in Style

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