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The Revolution of Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have been around for quite a long time now dating back from when airplane pilots would wear them on a daily basis. For the past couple of years, these jackets have been submerging back into the mainstream fashion industry slowly but steadily. I've always had a tomboy type of style and I actually enjoy seeing these types of jackets coming back into the industry. If you haven't worn a bomber jacket before let me put it like this; the the construction of the jacket looks heavy but in reality the material feels like soft pillows with a touch of fine satin and polyester lining. Celebrities such as; Kanye West have elevated this jacket as a must have item to have in your closet. I have to agree with Mr.West on this one and I'm definitely looking forward to purchasing one soon especially the bomber jacket that he has created for his Yeezus Tour merchandise.  

@SelenaGomez is Slaying Effortlessly

She's came long way; from Disney star to main stream media. Selena's style has evolved tremendously and I'm not complaining about that. She can go from classy to elegant, laid back to edgy which her makes her stand out all the time. Take a look at some of my favorite outfits that she's worn from the last couple months! Keep slaying @selenagomez


Behind the Scenes | Photography Phase

So I haven't wrote in my "Behind the Scenes" segment on the Hifash Magazine website for a minute; so why not start now. For those of you that don't know the Behind the Scenes section is basically a personal journal where you guys can follow up to speed on my journey pertaining within my position within the fashion industry and you guys can also watch me grow with all my future goals and plans that I have. 

Okay now to the good stuff! So in my junior year in high school I had a class that focused on the art in Digital Photography. I've always had a passion with photography and videography ever since I was a young girl. I would always make music videos and post them on YouTube (secret life of Aliyah that only a few know about lol) but unfortunately I deleted them online for gods knows what reason. I haven't touched a camera in a long time until junior year of high school sadly (officially a senior now). Thank the lord I still had the ability to edit and shoot things from my perspective again.
I enjoy shooting in black in white most of the time because, in my opinion the effect shows more emotion than colorful photographs (but that's just my opinion). Taking photography class made me realize; why not continue my ability to edit and shoot photography along with attending fashion shows and events and meeting different people within the fashion industry? It's always good to combine more than one talents all in one! Unfortunately, my photography course ended and I had to give away the camera that I have bonded with over the last 3 months. I carried that camera everywhere I went and I basically went through withdraw! I didn't know what to do with my life after that (just kidding)! It's been a year since I held a professional camera and I already know what I'm saving up for this summer. I can honestly say that photography class changed my life by showing me that I can't put aside my hobbies that I've always been passionate about. That goes for all of my readers; never put aside something that you care about.



THEN AND NOW Shop | Let's Talk Fashion

I recently discovered this shop called THEN AND NOW when I was trolling on my Instagram once again and I became intrigued by what this company provided for their customers.This luxury online company provides past and present fashion collections at discounts up to 75% off RRP. They focus on bringing together a different variety of designer exclusives and also on trend luxury pieces as well.
THEN AND NOW gives customers a unique type of shopping experience online by combining their own products with other products from top retailor stores worldwide, allowing people to browse their favorite designers within the THEN AND NOW store.
There are many varieties of clothing, hand bags, accessories for men, women, and also children. The price range for this store is a bit pricy but, they always seem to have a sale for their customers. They provide products from many famous designers such as Ella Rabener, Florian London, Alexander Wang (all time favorite), Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and many more! That's one of the many reasons I really love this store due to the fact that they provide a wide variety of designer products! Check out some of my favorite pieces from the THEN AND NOW store down below and if you want to make a purchase in their store you can use my special code: ALIYAH10 when you through checkout on their online store and you will receive 10% off on any products! Go to www.thenandnowshop.com to look into more pieces that they have provided.
Avery Tote in Tangerine

Marilyn Patent Tote in Red

Black Silk Velvet Jacket
Freja Cow Hair Biker Jacket in Black

Paris Fashion Week | Overview


During Paris Fashion Week there were a lot of amazing collections that were being presented for all the fashion lovers this year. Some collections consist of mixing up different materials that you wouldn't typically pair up with.
The famous Balmain designer; Oliver Rousteing (one of my favorite designers), decided to take his men's wear collection center stage ( with a few women wearing his resort collection). The collection that he showed gave off a safari-inspired vibe when it came to the complicated craftsmanship that consisted with rope detailing's and also spangles. as well
Rousteing collection wasn't the only one that captured my attention during Paris Fashion Week; there was the Givenchy collection, Hood by Air, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent and etc. Take a look down below to view some of the pieces that grabbed my attention while I was watching Paris Fashion Week from afar.
Isis Bataglia, Greta Varlese, & Candice Swanepoel backstage at Givenchy Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 Show

Behind the scenes HBA SS16
Behind the scenes HBA SS16
Behind the scenes HBA SS16
Hood By Air Spring 2016 Menswear

Balmain 2016 Haute Couture

Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear
Off-White | Men's S/S 2016 Paris Fashion Week
Off-White | Men's S/S 2016 Paris Fashion Week
Off-White | Men's S/S 2016 Paris Fashion Week
Off-White | Men's S/S 2016 Paris Fashion Week
Saint Laurent Paris Spring 2016


Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week 2016 Menswear

Givenchy S/S 2016 Paris Fashion Week
Givenchy S/S 2016 Paris Fashion Week

Givenchy S/S 2016 Paris Fashion Week

Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week 2016 Menswear | Jacket Detailings

Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week 2016 Menswear | Jacket Detailings

Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week 2016 Menswear | Jacket Detailings

Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week 2016 Menswear | Jacket Detailings


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