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Hustle 'Til You Make It

For a moment in my life I would always put aside my dreams and aspirations in life and focus on things that didn't really matter to me. I would always feel lost when I stopped focusing on what mattered to me which was to finish the Hifash website, collaborate with other fashion bloggers, fashion designers, stylist and etc. Then I realized, why stop now? I could be hustling to make my brand bigger than what it was before! Everyone needs to realize that the only way to be happy and satisfied with your life is to go after your dreams and goals. It could be long term and even short term; as long as your happy along your journey. I understand that along the way to your goal is not always going to be easy. You just have hustle until you make it and when you do make it ask yourself; "Am I satisfied on what I have achieved so far" because no one wants to say "what if I did this and that along the way." Just remember, the only person your competing against is yourself.

@SelenaGomez AdidasNeo Collection

I'm so proud of Selena for taking big steps within the Adidas brand by creating a collection that I know a lot of people will appreciate. I absolutely love the vibrant and neutral colors that are incorporated in her new collection which is called AdidasNeo. I can't wait to officially get my pieces from this collection soon because, I already know the texture and the feel of the clothing is not going to be a disappointment.


S.O.S Drizzy Backpack

I'm literally lol at this backpack design that some company has created for their collection. I've been searching high and low for this backpack for a long time because, it's literally the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! I would definitely rock this whenever I feel like it just to make people turn their heads and make them react like "what the heck is she wearing". In my opinion, this could be an iconic fashion piece due to the fact that Drake's face is just floating around as the backpack design. So does anybody know where I can find this backpack at??

Don't Get Attached to Social Media

I feel like every time I log on online I see someone that is constantly posting selfies to get verification on how beautiful and handsome they are but, in reality we can't always let the internet verify what we already know about ourselves. We as humans can't always let the internet define who we are first before we are able to define ourselves. Can we just get over the fact that we can't always put our business out there every hour of the day?! It's just not a good look and it just looks desperate in other peoples eyes whenever they are scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter. I'm starting to realize that people turn to social media to make themselves feel better that people are giving them the attention that people in the physical world aren't giving them (if that makes any sense). Just remember that everybody is watching your every move on social media and what ever you post can be held against you in the near future. Moral of the story is; don't get attached to social media.

Upcoming @Rihanna Fragance for the Navy Fans

Courtesy: @badgalriri instagram
If you've been living under a rock, Rihanna has officially confirmed that she is releasing a new fragrance called "RiRi" sometime this year. I absolutely love the layout of the fragrance ad campaign that the Navy team have established when it comes to the pink lavish pop of color and the life size Barbie doll look that has been incorporated in this ad. I can't wait until this product is released and hopefully it smells and looks as good as the ad campaign itself!

Courtesy: @badgalriri instagram



Let's Get Weird


@NickiMinaj Style Appreciation

The queen of Hip Hop; Nicki Minaj has evolved quite a bit when it comes to her music but most importantly her style. She went from rocking colorful wigs to a more natural laid back look and I'm not complaining. I applaud her from changing her style up because, we can't stay the same forever and has anyone heard of the terminology that change is good for the soul. Check out some of my favorite looks that she has worn since her switch-aroo!

Benefits of Wearing Darker Make-Up

I know a lot of people have always worn black eyeliner and mascara for as long as they can remember but, what people don't realize darker make-up helps enhance your facial features. I've always been a dark person when it comes to my color preferences in clothing and also nail polish as well but I've never really took the opprotunity to get into darker make-up. The point is, it's okay to experiment with darker make up when it comes to eyeshadow, lip stick, blush and much more! Just remember the darker the color in make-up choice will help enhance your features that you have hidden for the longest. 

A Chill Summer Night


The Crop Top Debate

 There has been a lot of heat regarding a magazine article that Oprah Magazine has published about people with flat stomachs are only allowed to wear crop tops. In my opinion, people should be obligated to wear what they want and what ever they want as long as it fits. People should wear crop tops even if they are comfortable with their own bodies. The topic of body shaming has been the topic of discussion for the last couple of months and it's been a shame hearing about all the nonsense on what people should and shouldn't wear. Women around the world have been taking a stance on social media by posting photos of themselves with crop tops on. What do you think about this situation? Should everyone wear crop tops?


Go Big or Go Home

Cornrows 4 Days

Since it's officially summer time a lot of people have been protecting their hair with different types of styles especially; cornrows. These types of braids help lay off heat from your hair so you can be able to do things without your hair being in the way. Plus, this style gives off a laid back look and you can basically wear it with anything (literally). Try dressing up this look by wearing a dress and add some hair pieces such as flowers or even jeweled headpieces. 


Why Bandwagon on the #DontJudgeChallenge?

For the past couple of days all I've seen on my social media was people from all around the world posting photos and videos of themselves with drawn on acne, unibrows and other physical features that are perceived as ugly in todays society. Then, after posing a few times in front of the camera with their background music that people have chosen they then wipe off their imperfections and show off their flaws. First and for most, this challenge has been taken too far due to the amount of lack of knowledge on how this hashtag came about. The #DontJudgeChallenge was intended to be an anti-body shaming campaign; not a "don't judge me on my looks" parody. If you have taken the time of day and made a video of yourself doing this hashtag then you obviously don't know the meaning behind the #DontJudgeChallenge and it was never to shame people that have unibrows and acne. Everyone is beautiful in their own way so why waste your time and make a video and wait for the likes to come through on your video to get verification on how beautiful and handsome you are? Is this what our society has come to today? I'm not here to make people feel ashamed after posting their videos on social media but, I just want to let everyone to know that they should do their research before hand.

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