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Everything Will Be Just Fine

I know I've been MIA for the longest but I've been reevaluating my life into a new direction when it comes to my businesses, relationships, friendships, college life and etc. So let me ask this to you guys; has anyone ever deceived you to the point where you were blindsided on who the person actually was? Don't let that person fool you when it comes to their personality, ego, and also their kindness. You see not everyone is what they seem to be or shall I say "perceived" to be due to the fact that they will potentially be caught in the act or even the lie by the person that they blindsided. It's never okay to play with peoples emotions by playing with them like their some type of toy that can be put through turmoil on a daily basis. I just want everyone to know that it's cool to meet people and get to know them but don't be fooled. Don't ever be fooled. Follow your gut or else you'll be slapped across the face with the truth that you knew all along. 

Yours truly,


Unexpected Decisions May Be The Best Decisions

Life can be full of surprises I swear. A lot of the times you plan out things and then all of a sudden; the plan doesn't turn out how you imagined. You begin to wonder if the plan is really worth going forward with despite your own feelings towards it. You begin to realize the reasoning on why your making a big leap that your not even happy with in the first place. Is it because you want to impress your peers, your family, your own mother? Sometimes it's just best to follow your instincts or your gut feeling towards decisions that you are about to make because in the end result you might even regret it in the long haul. Don't even think about asking the opinions of others because it's going to make you more and more confused about what life choices that you might want to make that will impact you for the rest of you life. Follow your heart, your gut, and especially your instincts.


The Speech You Won't Forget; Jesse Williams

Last night I witnessed a speech that was absolutely legendary, necessary, and memorable by the one and only Jesse Williams. For those of you that don't know Jesse Williams is well known for his tv show role in Grey's Anatomy by Shonda Rhymes but he is also well known for his activist role within  our humanity. Sunday night, Williams received the Humanitarian Award from the BET Awards of 2016 and let me tell you; it was well deserved. I was so mesmerized by how passionate he was about black lives, the world, and just life in general. He made everyone realize and reflect that we as black people have to continue to push through all our problems and barriers that we go through on a daily basis in order to live in todays society. The system that we live in today may have told everybody that we are "free" but in reality we aren't really free due to all the fiasco that has been going on such as police brutality, mass shootings, and racially profiling young adults. Williams definitely impacted me in a way where we as young adults can not continue to let the system take control over us. I am very proud of all the achievements that Jesse Williams has achieved so far within his life and he is definitely making his mark in history as a civil rights leader this generation that will leave an imprint forever.


Selfie Addiction

I've come to the realization that I have become addicted to the art of selfie taking. I know that it may look vain and sad in a way but..... I feel like I've mastered it like never before. I realized that I was addicted to taking selfies was when just recently I ordered a LuMee Self Lighting Case for my new IPhone(CHECK THEM OUT) that I will be receiving by the end of the month (I have phone problems smh) and quite honestly I'm not ashamed. I've learned to love myself and love my distinctive features that the unknown has given me. LOL I'm not the only one that enjoys taking selfies on my spare time but remember to stop taking selfies at important events that you want to remember such as; thanksgiving, christmas, concerts. Hi my name is Aliyah Jones and I am addicted to taking selfies. 


Finesse to Success

Everyone wants to be successful. Am I right or am I right? People always want to take the short cut route to become successful by some how magically becoming rich off the lottery; that would be wonderful but that could be a blessing and curse. I understand that money revolves us on a daily basis but at the same time we as humans tend to drift off on whats really important; our dreams and aspirations in life. We tend to forget why we are doing the things that we do within our career goals and etc. People tend to pick a job to play it safe so they are able to have food on the table but at the same time is it really worth having a job that you don't even like. Why not take the risk and finesse your way to something extraordinary? I know some people think I'm crazy or odd when it comes to me not becoming a doctor to play it safe in this world. I like art, writing, styling clothes, videography and just creating extraordinary things that could potentially help lead me to a career that I will be happy with for the rest of my life. Sometimes you just have to stop living up to other peoples expectations on how you live your life and honestly; you will feel so much better doing what you love. So take this advice and just finesse your way to success instead of taking the easy route and quite honestly their is no easy route to a lot things. Just take the time to evaluate who you are as a person and what you want to achieve in life because, trust me you will all make it if you just finesse. That's exactly what I'm doing; finessing my way to success.



Chris Brown; Black Pyramid Clothing Line

One of my favorite music artists; Chris Brown has officially taken the time to expand his clothing company Black Pyramid. I've watched him piece together this body of work way back and sadly the clothing line would be put on hold due to him going on tour and etc which is understandable. For those of you that don't know Chris Brown is an phenomenal artists when it comes to being behind the paint brush and I knew his clothing line would be as successful as himself. His clothing line has a touch of bright colors which includes pieces of his artwork incorporated within his pieces. I'm digging the Cali vibe within his  urban fashion line but I understand some of pieces have a touch of Virginia love(hometown). Check out some more pieces within the Black Pyramid clothing line by yours truly C-Breezy!


A Kid With A Dream; Tyler The Creator's Fashion Show

I'm all about young people paving the wave for other kids to follow their dreams and Tyler The Creator is a prime example of one of those young people that doesn't let anything stop him. A couple years ago, this outspoken young boy came into the music industry with a dream and he has definitely set the bar high when it comes to doing so. He is well known for having creative ideas and expressing a crazy sense of humor towards the people that he surrounds himself with; especially his family Odd Future. Just recently this young entrepreneur created a new clothing line called Golf Wang which includes bright colored pieces that resembled pieces back from the 90's which is pretty dope in my opinion. We are so used to having darker colors incorporated in other designers work but Tyler The Creator has taken the initiative to create with his own imagination which is the key to success. He inspires me to not listen to what other people have to say when it comes to having your own idea that you feel can lead up to different opportunities. Tyler will be remember as the rapper but his creativity will forever over power the title "rapper" due to the fact that he has inspired so many young kids to never let go of your creativity what so ever. 

A couple days ago he had his first fashion show for his brand Golf Wang which modeled very bright and aesthetic colors which definitely caught the audiences attention. Guest that attended the fashion were given free sneakers that Tyler created which are called Golf Le Fleur and he also debuted his new song "My Ego" which was only written for the show and it will never be played or performed again. This unique show will go down as one of my favorite fashion shows that I have seen up to date! Check out the video down below to see this Creator's vision come to life! 


Love Your Body. Love Yourself.

Over the years I used to not enjoy looking at my body, my hair, my long oval face but just recently I realized that I'm unique in my own way. I don't have to look like the Victoria Secret models that have perfect bodies for days and not starve myself. It took me a minute to realize that it's okay that I have tiger stripes on the side of my thighs because; that's what makes me a women today in America. I know everyone wants that "perfect body" but sadly is it really worth it? It took me a while to embrace my oval face (my face is very ovally and I HATED IT) but then I realized that's what makes me unique in my own way. It took me a while to love the height that God or shall as say "The Unknown" has given me throughout the years. I was always known as the tall black chick that graced the halls in elementary, middle school, and also high school. I realized it is okay that I'm taller than all the guys that aren't attracted towards tall girls due to our unique physic. They just can't handle the tall girls (that's what I would always to myself when a guy used to say they wouldn't date a tall girl).

My body is my temple. I will cherish it forever and I can proudly admit that I didn't like my body for a long time. It's sad that within the media celebrities have to look a certain way to get that perfect look within the public eye. It's sad that people in our society try to mimic what they see on social media which triggers them to act on things that they shouldn't be doing; copying that perfect body. So I would like to tell everyone all around the world (including guys); love the body that you are in because trust me your the only person that can rock it out. Your the only person that can carry your body and physical features that make you unique! Own it ladies and gents! In order to love your body you have to love yourself first.



I have been MIA for over 3 months due to trying to make it out of high school without failing any classes. I am so happy to announce that I have finally made it out of high school with a 3.0 GPA (thank the lord jesus!!!). I've been waiting for this day to finally come because high school sucks. I mean it was fun and all but I moved during my senior year which really sucked but I managed to meet some pretty awesome people. I can't wait to go to college and be broke but I'm just happy that I have a level of sanity again (just for now until life starts to hit me). I have no regrets and like I would tell anyone TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES IN HIGH SCHOOL so you can look back on all of your memories. This whole year I wanted to do so much with my website and brand and I finally have time to do them since summer is here and I actually have TIME! YASSSSSSS. Stay tuned for upcoming changes and ideas that I have within my brand Hifash Magazine and upcoming collaborations. Let the games begin!


Kylie Jenner LipKit Collection Takes Over

Recently this year, Kylie Jenner has taken the world by storm by creating her own lip collection that has been selling out left and right. I've heard great reviews on her lip collection when it comes to how long it lasts and how it looks natural on our physical features. I give props to Jenner on creating 
a lip collection that everyone can buy due to the collection having a reasonable price for consumers. What are your thoughts?

Rihanna's Upcoming Line With Dior

"Anti" singer Rihanna has just dropped sensational news about her upcoming collaboration with high fashion company Dior. She will be creating unique sunglasses that will definitely sell out just as fast as her Puma Creeps and also her MAC makeup collection. Rihanna posted on Instagram earlier last week with sneak peak pictures of one of her signature sunglasses that will be a part of the collection. Be on the look out everyone because I know these sunglasses will sell out within seconds.

Lemonade & Formation Tour

Beyonce has done it again; only this time she is not playing no games. A couple weeks ago the Pop diva surprised her fans with a visual intimate album called Lemonade which caused a lot of talk within the press. I've have to admit her album is phenomenal (I recommend everyone to listen asap) but her visual album of Lemonade is absolutely breathtaking. She speaks on social issues, her personal issues and also the art of being a black women in todays day in age. If you really really want to listen to the album I suggest downloading the app Tidal by the one and only Jay-Z to listen and visually watch Lemonade. You won't regret it. 


Let Go of People

I have a big heart. A big heart for people but, sometimes my heart just can't take no more. You know? It's said to witness friends go in a different direction that you weren't expecting them to go into but; hey it is what it is. When people start to say that you've changed you have to start thinking in the mentality where the people that are saying you changed;they actually changed. So in that exact moment you have to decided; do you want live with these people for the rest of you life or do you want to let go of them and find new people? It's your choice to decide to let go but remember your decisions matter and they affect every aspect of your life. So you choose? What's your pick?

Let go. Before it gets worse.

Damn Rih, Back at it Again With The Slayness

Rihanna is BACK! She's back! I've waited so long for her new album Anti to come out and shut down the whole world. And guess what? She did! How do you surpass Micheal Jacksons number one hits on the billboard charts???? Bruh!!! Don't even get me started with her clothing line that she has partnered with Puma!? She killed Fashion Week with her first collection and it was killer. I watched the fashion show on my phone live on periscope and it was just crazy dope. This is her year! Love you Rih! What's your favorite song on her new album Anti?

I'm back. With A New Mindset?

So I've been MIA. I have my reasons;
I'm still getting my life together
You know this soon to be adult life is already kind of hard but, I'm not trying to think to hard about it because it's only going to cause my anxiety to get worse. I finally got a new camera so I can shoot some style videos and videography!!!! I'm hype! I hope everyone is having a blessed day and I promise to post more! Shout out to everyone that comments on my Instagram @aliyahjonesss and states "post more on your blog!" You guys give me hope and guidance. I promise. Sorry for the wait lovelies. 

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