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Denim in Full Effect


Senior Year | New School | Mixed Emotions

I've been taking a minute to adjust to my new schedule for the new school year. My summer has been cut short sadly due to going to a new school but, this is only the beginning of something new. I've always complained about my old school so why not start fresh. Let's cut this summary short and sweet; 2 days in and I met a couple friends. My classes are pretty cool except for this piano class (I feel like everyone who is taking this class is advanced...not even kidding). I miss my friends but it wouldn't have matter if I stayed at my old school, I wouldn't have seen them what so ever. At my new school, I can tell that people know I'm foreign and I'm new here. It kind of sucks that I won't be graduating with the people that I grew and blossomed with but hey it is what it is. Moral of the situation; be a table hopper at lunch and vibe off with different. That's how you'll make friends. Trust me. 

Adventure Time in Style


#StraightOuttaCompton Aftermath//Review

Ever since I saw the preview of this iconic movie, I was very attomon about going to see this movie in theaters. This Saturday I watched this well put together movie that told a story from the members of N.W.A. perspective on how their lives changed in a matter of time through what they loved to do which was music. Right when I walked into the door of the movie theater I knew I wouldn't disappointed at all. It wasn't just any ordinary biographic movie (some are boring and some are not well put together), it was a movie that will forever be engrained in my brain forever due to the fact that this movie taught me a lesson on to never giving up on what I love to do. 

From the start, this movie brought up action,conflict, and also real stuff (they definitely didn't hold back on anything at all). This movie was just pure art from start to finish and it was the most captivating movie that I have seen in my lifetime so far. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who always wondered what went on in the behind the scenes of N.W.A. In all honesty, I really want to watch this movie again (that's how good it is).
GO WATCH IT NOW! You won't regret it one bit. 


#OOTD Appreciation

This is one of the most dopest outfits that  I've seen in a long time (in my opinion). Super model, Emrata stepped out yesterday in London in this chic black dress with a touch of thigh high boots to compliment the colors that are incorporated in this outfit. I would definitely wear this outfit on a casual day out shopping or even out to eat with a couple of friends.


Back to School Picks: Forever 21 Edition

 Everyone that knows me knows that I'm absolutely in love with the fast fashion retail store; Forever 21. Literally my whole wardrobe contains clothing from Forever 21 ranging from winter gear all the way toward summer essentials. I just love the fact that Forever 21 always updates it's shelves almost everyday (correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty positive they update it almost everyday). One of my main goals in life is to meet the CEO of Forever 21 Do Wong Chang and just get an inside scoop on the Forever 21 background from his perspective and I would also like to collaborate with the company and create an exclusive collection (we can always dream lol). Anyways, I went to the online store of Forever 21 and picked out some back to school picks since school is around the corner. Check out my picks down below that I would personally wear and also recommend to others!


Top Picks From: MISSGUIDED

One of my new favorite clothing shops; MISSGUIDED never fails to meet my expectations when it comes to having different styles of clothing. They have clothing ranging from classy, street edge and just plain laid back looks as well. Everyone that knows me knows that I have an obsession with buying clothes from Forever21 but, MISSGUIDED might just take my Forever21 heart and turn it into a MISSGUIDED heart. I know, I know that I might be cheating on  Forever21 but it's always good to look into different clothing stores that have different types of styles and textures as well. So I took the time and trolled on the online site of MISSGUIDED and chose some pieces that stood out to me. In all honesty, there were so many options that I could've picked but I limited myself to a couple things that I really liked the most. Majority of my picks contain nude colors so...bare with me. Check out https://www.missguidedus.com/ and take a look at their online store and order something that will swoop your heart away. You won't regret it!

Slinky Bardot Bodycon Dress Khaki

Bandeau Bodycon Midi Dress Taupe
Ponte Wrap Hem Bodycon Dress White
Lace Sleeveless High Neck Bodycon Dress Mauve

Laser Cut Heeled Sandals Nude

Peep Toe Lace Up Over The Knee Heels

Knee High Cross Strap Heeled Sandal Cream


#ANTM Cycle 22 Ep 1 Recap

So on Wednesday ANTM finally premiered again on The CW and I was so excited on who would grab my attention this season. In all honesty this has to be the most diverse cast in top model history (literally). Everyone is unique in their way when it comes to physical aspects and character personas as well. 

All the judges looked flawless and of course they told the truth during the contestants first photo shoot (which was when they were caught off guard and we're taking photos shoots on a bus). I freaking loved Tyra's short cut (she needs to keep that as long as possible due to her gorgeous bone structure). Miss J (loveeeeee her) strutted the runway like a boss and her facial expressions just make me die out of laughter whenever something bizarre happens on the show. Kelly Cutrone is still cut throat but hey you can hate her for being honest! Fashion and Celebrity photographer Yu Tsai helped guide through the models first photo shoot on the bus that they were put on in the beginning of the competition. Some models killed the photo shoot and runway challenge and some didn't do so hot due to being a tad bit over dramatic on the runway lol. Alright now to the juicy decision; who am I rooting for you may ask? Well I have a top three list of models that I feel like they have potential:

1. Justin 
2. Nyle 
3. Courtney (third choice was tough)

All three of these models clearly have full potential in my eyes. I hate to break it to everyone but, I'm rooting for the guys this season because; a lot of them have distinctive features that make them standout. I can't wait for episode two to come on next week and stay tuned for more top model recaps on Hifash!

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